Download Apps for Testing

Use Safari to visit this webpage, then click on the proper version:

iPhone and iPod Touch users, click here

iPad users, click here


1) Special Game Center accounts have been created for each tester. If your first name is Charles, your Game Center username would be "CharlesTest2@playtouchme.com" and your Game Center password would be "CharlesTest2" (case sensitive, without the quotes). Please log into the Game Center when running the app so that your scores can be logged. This will test the app's integration with Apple's Game Center.

2) The iPhone version does not yet natively support the full width on iPhone 5's and iPod Touch 5's. The production version will, but my development environment currently doesn't allow me to support it. You will see black bars on both sides of the display; this is temporary.

3) You must use the physical device(s) that were explicitly included in the testing program. Attempting to download these apps to unauthorized devices won't hurt anything, but it will also not work.

4) We only have a day or two for testing before the apps must be submitted to Apple, so please get started soon!

If you have any questions, please call or email. Thank you very much for helping!